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Jean Graffiti and our sibling Still Kicking create fabulous designs on ultra thin cotton which can be ironed on to clothing.

Unlike the traditional embroidered patch, our product is so thin that it blends seamlessly with the fabric to which it is applied, yet it is strong enough to hold and repair a rip.  And it will stay on .....

With 60 vivid and varied designs in each range, and a unique lightweight feel, our product also provides a real opportunity to customise clothes in a creative and individual way.  Illustrated by hand by young artists, the designs are fresh, original and on-trend.

Our product was borne out of a reaction to the throwaway attitude to clothing and a wish to support more sustainable fashion.  Whether repaired or simply adorned, clothes can be given a new lease of life with designs which appear as part of the original fabric.

Made in Britain.

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